Central Reiki


Lori-Lyn Hurley
Dream Life Wellness
1099 South Broadway
Lexington  Kentucky 40504
(859) 317-3430

Lori-Lyn Hurley is a Usui Reiki Master and spiritual intuitive offering Reiki and intuitive wellness sessions and workshops. She is a member of the International Center for Reiki Training Association and adheres to its code of ethics.

Samara Anjelae
Readings, Healings & Workshops
509 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
Samara Anjelae is a gifted and experienced healer and medium who has helped clients worldwide. Samara offers Healing Hands workshops which include Reiki certification and psychic development. Samara offers a monthly free newsletter, Samara Says, that offers healing tips and spiritual support. Samara’s office is located in Lexington, Kentucky.


Christine Gardner
The Ki To Life Reiki Center
P.O Box 23271
Lexington Kentucky 40523

We offer Reiki Certification Classes, Healing Attunements, Equine Reiki in addition to Crystal and Herbal Therapies. Join us on our path to contribute to the realization of true unity.
Peace to you!,
Christine Gardner, CRM

Laural Caudill
Energy Awareness Center
Stanford KY  40423
As a Reiki Master/Teacher I am committed to bringing awareness to my area and beyond about the universal healing energy of Reiki. Treatments, classes and instruction. I employ a number of healing modalities, please check my website!

Teri Wineland
2805 Lancaster Rd
Danville KY  40422

Reiki III practioner, enjoy helping those who need the healing help that Reiki can give. Also specialize in Reiki Distance healing and Reiki work on animals such as cats, dogs and horses.


Stephanie Drumright
Gulf Coast Healing Center
4423-A Leisure Time Drive
Diamondhead  Mississippi   39525

Reiki master/teacher in Usui and Seichem traditions. Reiki and energy
therapy is offered at my shop, your home or in your hospital room.

Natural energy therapy is comfort food for your mind, heart and body.
When you are at peace; your mind, heart and body can heal itself.


Jaianniah Shadowwolf
12308 Stillwood Drive
Ocean Springs MS 39565
I am Rev. Jean Marie Gage, and I am a Usui Reki Master/Teacher.  I am also a Crystal Reiki
Master, a MPRUE Grandmaster, and a Certified Pranic Healer. I do long-distance healings as well as phone consultations, and charge fees based on a slidingscale, if at all.  I do not do “cookie-cutter” healings, and no two people receive the same treatment.  Your healing will be based on what you need, and will probably constitute a combination of modalities.  I use many shamanic techniques as well in your healing, if necessary, and have studied other healing techniques. I have a college degree in science and religion, also. Please feel free to write me a letter about your problem.  Include an email address and phone number where you can be contacted. My phonenumber is 228-826-1836.  Please do not call after ten p.m. CST. Great Spirit bless you! Rev. Jeannie- Shaman



Heidi Kistler
6997 Bellows Lake Rd.
Lake Ann MI 49650
(231) 275-5953

I am a Reiki II Practitioner (Master Attunement scheduled for April 2001) in Northern Michigan.  Half hour, Full hour and Distant healing sessions are available.  Let Reiki bring peace, harmony and health to you life as it has to mine!

Susan M. Brundage, MA, LLP, Reiki Master/ Practitioner
17350 L Drive North
Marshall MI 49068
MARSH9799@aol.com , susanmbrundage@sbcglobal.net

As a teacher from the Hierarchy of Light and Initiate in the Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, it is my privilege to assist individuals in a process of self-empowered healing. This is accomplished by establishing a connection with the Hierarchy of Light and the Ascended Masters. This enables me as a channel, to form a bridge between the individual, his/her Higher Self and these sacred healing energies. The healing session may include balancing of the elemental platform, magnetic lines, energy core or chakras; chord removal cap and negative crystal removal; activation of symbols or other instruments of self-empowerment, DNA activation, Reiki or Omega energy healing. The spiritual bridge allows the individual to consciously experience the peace and joy of their self-directed healing. This state of calm centeredness signals the healing which has occurred and also forms a foundation for the individual’s continued self-empowerment and awareness of self-healing.

Sharon A. Gabris, KRMT, MT, LDP
Reiki Therapy Center of West Michigan) & Gift Shop
6582 Airline Hwy. Ste. A. (corner of Airline& Pontaluna)
Fruitport, Michigan 49415
231- 865-7755

Sharon is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Thai & Atlantian Massage Therapist, and Lymph Drainage Practitioner. She has studied at the Esalen Institute, Upledger Institute, International Center for Reiki Training and is a member of IARP. In addition to the above she also offers Crystal therapy and Readings, Feng Shui consultations, Dream Analysis and Numerology.  The gift shop offers unique gifts and supplies for all your needs. On-going classes and workshops are available throughout the year. To find out more, visit her web site. (no “www” is required) May you be surrounded by Love & Light. Namaste


Mary Ann Reiger, Rev.
4602 W. 192nd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44135
As an Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master and Instructor, I combine Reiki, Qi Gong energy healing techniques, intuitive channeling and guided imagery in personal or group sessions. I work for you to facilitate healing and empowerment. My spiritual healing practice is based on the individual’s needs.

Now available, Soothing guided meditations CD to inspire hope – imaginative journeys toward manifesting wellness.

To order visit www.energy-circle.com
Or call (216) 898-0919, or mail $17.50 (includes shipping) to Mary Ann Reiger, P.O. Box 112131, Cleveland, Ohio 44111 (allow 2 weeks for delivery).

Cliff Berns BA, LMT
Green Tara Center for Yoga, Movement and Healing Arts
1488 Maple Road
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121-1728

Cliff’s work focuses on harmonizing the flow of energies present in our lives.  Through gentle, compassionate touch and focused awareness, energy blocks are dissolved.  The body relaxes, the heart opens, the mind clears. Healing is facilitated, resulting in a greatly enhanced capacity to experience life fully and freely.

Private sessions of Reiki, Crystal Healing and Energy Balancing are available, as well as instruction in Reiki, meditation and more.

Ms. Jessica Nytes
7449 Gelnmont Dr.
Cleveland Ohio

I am a Reiki Healer, a Chakra channeler and I am am also a psychic reader, I have been practicing these art forms of healing and spirituality for about ten years now. I am based out of Cleveland, Ohio and thoroughly enjoy helping others with the gift I was given this time around . If you have any questions and/ or would like to set up a healing session please either contact me by phone or email. I will respond asap.


Ms. Jessica Nytes
Kris Karr
Alternative Measures
14695 Highland Center Road
Defiance OH 43512

Our primary treatment consists of a combination of Reiki, sound, and crystal energies. The combined use of these therapies creates a vibration not found in any individual modality and allows for the facilitation of healing on all levels.

We also offer products and information on aromatherapy, herbals, homeopathy, and crystals.

Many of our services do not require a personal visit. If you are guided to contact us, please do so. If we are unable to assist you, we may be able to offer guidance.

Blessings to warm you and Light to guide you.
Kris & Joan


Christina T. Diaz
Fleur De Luna
325 Forest Oak Drive
Knoxville Tennessee 37919
Teacher of Dr.Usui Reiki, Shiki Ryoho as well as Karuna Reiki techniques. With over 15 years experience in the practice of Dr. Usui technique. I have personally seen the transformation that daily practice can bring. Reiki reduces stress and create balance. The benefits of Reiki are endless. Reiki promotes psychological healing, including release of anger, fear, worry, and sadness and replaces them with self-worth, confidence and tranquility. It is a very simple technique. Gassho Meditaion and breathing techniques taught.

Private sessions and Reiki Circles twice a month at the House of Fleur De Luna. I hope you will join us. Remember Something Beautiful is about to happen.  Healing begins with Breathe and Breathe begins with you!

Namaste my Friends!!

Carole Truelove

South Knoxville, Tennessee 37920
865 686 8252



Karuna® Reiki Master/Usui Reiki Master Teacher
I am registered with The International Center for Reiki Training.
Join us for our FREE Reiki circles each month.
To experience Reiki is to know its healing benefits
Classes taught and sessions offered
contact me for more information at: withanie@hotmail.com

Jill Volpe
A Magical World
P.O. Box 22574
Knoxville  TN 37933

A Magical World is a spiritual healing, teaching and development center. Jill Volpe offers energy balancing, intuitive insight, spiritual counseling, readings, and a variety of workshops and classes. Jill is also an ordained minister who performs wedding and commitment ceremonies throughout East Tennessee.

Joni Caldwell
Reiki Master Teacher
Bearden Area
Knoxville, TN 37919
Email: ReikiJoni@aol.com

Focusing on Volunteer Reiki Projects in the Knoxville, TN area,
please contact me for Reiki Sessions, Classes and to volunteer to help others with loving, healing, Reiki!


Michel Berner
Wisconsin Oils
W14849 Scotch Pine Rd
Fairchild  WI 54741

Michel is a Usui Reiki Master in Northwest Wisconsin specializing in distance Reiki for humans as well as equines, felines & canines.

In-person Reiki sessions are available by appointment only.
Distance Reiki sessions are always available.

Nancy Stinemates
Prisms of Light
123 W Arndt Street
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Prisms of Light offers Reiki treatments both hands on, and free distant treatments for those who email and request it. Traditional Usui Reiki attunements, lessons and certification offered both locally and at a distance for very low fees. Learning, practicing or accepting reiki involves no specific spiritual beliefs, and are practiced all over the world by  people of many different religions and backgrounds.
Shamonic treatments or teachings are also offered locally or at a distance. Shamonic lessons are offered only to serious students willing to learn and practice the spiritual aspects of this form of healing.

Karuna Krinsky
Reiki Teacher
1100 Lotus Drive
Silver Lake WI  53170
262 877 9396
262 877 9396
Traditional Usui Reiki Master Karuna Krinsky teaching 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree reiki.  reiki treatments by appointment.  serving SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois