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A book of Spirit, Consciousness and Politics

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Book Description
The Shift: An Awakening is an inspiring piece of visionary fiction that takes place in present day America. The earth has grown impatient with mankind’s unconscious treatment of her, and sends a prophecy to seers of several different faiths. She has detailed in the prophecy her plan to reset the population on earth if mankind does not meet her simple requirements.

At the same time a new political party is born from the confusion of America’s last presidential election. A mystic priest, a seer for the Church of Rome is the first to receive the prophecy. He leaves his home in El Salvador to join a group of mystics in Mountain Home, Utah. Meanwhile, the new political party sets out to create a political paradigm that will guide America and the world, away from environmental destruction.

Will the group of mystics succeed in igniting the world’s consciousness before it’s too late? Will the new political party in America survive long enough to make it to the next presidential election, and keep the earth from resetting mankind’s population?

The answers are in THE SHIFT.




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