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Animal Health

Healing Arts Network is not making any recommendation about particular types of practices or practitioners. The information published is a paid practitioners listing. It is your responsibility to evaluate the qualifications of the practitioners, and request references or meet with them and discuss costs/duration of services.

Animal Health & Healing

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Ann M. Janwich
7 Nolan Rd.
Morganville NJ, 07751

I am a Riki 111 practitioner experienced with a variety of animals. As Reiki works on the mind, body and soul, it covers aliments, diseases, injuries as well as relieving stress in an animal.  Animals are receptive to Reiki energy as they do not have the typical stress in which a human endures. I have worked with animals for over 15 years, being a veterinary technician, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Treatment are by appointment only, thank you.                                                                                                                      12/13

Sonya Roxanne
535 Hollow Road
Skillman NJ 08558

Sonya has been saving pet’s lives for over 10 years. “I have seen it again and again- so-called degenerative and chronic diseases for which owners are encouraged to consider ‘mercy killing’ are completely curable- what is more, they are completely preventable.  It’s what doctors won’t tell you, partly because they don’t know, and partly because where would they and the pharmaceutical industry be if they actually saved lives instead of expensively taking them from you?” Through nutritional counselling on both human health matters and feline/canine health matters, she has given people and pets back their lives, saving them thousands of dollars in the process.  “I also despair of people who tell you there’s nothing you can do about your ‘pet allergies’ besides take your pet to the pound. This is a simple issue of improving nutrition.”                                                           9/07

Aodaoin O’Flynn
610 West Broad Street  #2
Westfield NJ  07090

At SolasLightWork, Aodaoin O’Flynn uses a variety of modalities, including Reiki, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy, and Young Living Essential Oils, as well as her own inherent gifts as an open channel, in order to facilitate the optimum energywork session for both people and animals. It is possible to book either an in-person or a distance healing session.


Elizabeth Anglin
P.O. Box 1068  Ridgway, CO  81432

Elizabeth provides practical animal communication and energy healing for horses, cats and dogs and other animals in your home or rescue organization.  A veterinary intuitive, remote viewer, and evidential spirit medium Elizabeth has the ability to see, feel and hear specific information about your animal’s physical body and spiritual path. Elizabeth has been a Traditional Usui Reiki Master and Animal Communicator since 1994, a Remote Viewer and Evidential Spirit Medium since 1997, and an Equine Massage Practitioner since 2002.  She offers intuitive and energy healing sessions for people as well as pets through her website       4/10


Kim Jonah Well Beings
85 North Main St # 105
East  Hampton CT  06424
860-267-1961, 860-267-0801

Well Beings embodies a new approach to healing and wellness for animals. Using the proven techniques of massage therapy and applying the cutting edge of Energy Medicine, Consegrity, Well Beings utilizes more than one modality to reconnect with the natural healing process of the body and to maintain optimal health.
Well Beings offers:
Equine Massage
Canine Massage
Consegrity for all animals

The advantages of massage are well known and have helped humans for hundreds of years. We are now beginning to see that animals can experience the same benefits of good circulation and muscle tone, accelerated healing processes and increased range of motion in joints, enjoyed by their human companions.                                                                12/13


Carla Meeske
1115 West Briles
Phoenix AZ 85085

Carla Meeske uses Shamanic Healing to relieve physical, emotional or behavioral problem in animals and people. If
you or your animal friend has issues, Carla can help. Working through Carla, the Compassionate Spirits deliver strong healing power. Shamanic techniques like soul retrieval, illness transfiguration and compassion infusion bring new light and hope. Carla offers a complete training program in Shamanism for Animals through her school, SPIRITHEALER SCHOOL OF SHAMANISM. Come see how powerful the training is on our Monthly Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic. Carla completed the Foundation of Shamanic Studies 3 year program in 2000, and has studied with many other masters for over 20 years.                                                                                  12/13

Ashley Martin, CESMT
Muscle Worx LLC
P.O. Box 83142
Phoenix AZ 85071

I am a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, (CESMT) in the Phoenix,
Arizona area. I specialize in creating a comfortable, relaxing environment
for the animal through massage, essential oils, stretching, ting point
therapy, pressure point therapy, and good old fashioned love and attention.


Shirley Ruth Lott, LMT #LA0778
Heart To Hands, LLC
4413 Taft Park
Metairie Louisiana 70002-3161
(504) 481-6481

Therapeutic Massage for People & for Pets!  Experience the Power of Touch – therapeutic massage
does not discriminate!  Good for all ages and for your pets!  Music, candle light, & aromatherapy used in a tranquil setting.
Strong intent to assist in bringing the body, mind & spirit together as one for an overall feeling of well-being.  Visit my web site for lots more information!  Please feel free to contact me with any concern or question.  
lso will be offering my own music compilations – ‘Touching Dreams’, as music is food for the soul & a powerful healing tool.   And
a newsletter called ‘Angels’ Voices’, which can be found on my web site – covers many, many areas related to our well-being and the well-being of our pets.                                                                                                                   12/13


 Julie Hoppe
1608 Main St
Floyd  IA 50435

Animal intuitive: communicator working with dogs, cats, horses and other pets. Help for pet owner with pet emotional, behavioral, and physical problems with emotional root.  Contact information is provided
to clients on my website                                                                                              12/13


Victoria C. Leo
Marpet Life/Career Services
Locations in Raleigh/Durham and Cary, North Carolina

Interested in increasing your Happiness Quotient? If you need career help or health coaching, I am a trained, experienced (12 year) Life Coach. If you need more robust health or lower stress, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and stress reduction/meditation teacher. You and your furry family deserve to have the highest possible Happiness Quotient, through greater peace of mind, healthy spirit and body. Let me help!

Reiki healing energy for pets and farm animals. Complement your vet care with reiki healing energy, for furry/scaly friends with physical ills. Just as with humans, reiki also calms and centers the emotional storms.          12/13

Raven Wright, MA
6407 Mill House Rd.
Chapel Hill , NC 27516
919-968- 8581

Clinical psychologist; certified touch practitioner I; Wholistic work: a system of working with animals that integrates the mind, body, emotions and spiritual aspects to bring a four legged, winged, or scaly friend into balance thus alleviating behavioral issues.  Educational work with the guardians of our friends to deepen the bonds.  Support and spiritual guidance for our friends and their guardians if they are in the process of crossing over.  Nutritional issues also addressed.                                                                                                                    12/13


Carla Person
25828 Parker Lane
Veneta OR 97487

I am a Shamanic Healer and Animal Communicator. I specialize in working with animals. I offer the core shamanic practices of power and soul retrieval, and illness extraction as well as individual healing prescribed by my spiritual allies for each client.  Much of my work is with animal clients:  dogs, cats, horses and other pets. The healing reaches beyond the animal, however, to heal the heart between the animal and the person. I also offer transformative spiritual healing for people.  I offer workshops in Shamanic Animal Communication. Please feel free to visit my website for further information.                                                                                12/13   


Meili Mattern

Healing Hands for Animals
4121 Plank Road #349
Fredericksburg Virginia 22407
(540) 785-6823

Healing Hands provides therapeutic & maintenance massage, Reiki, and acupressure for equines, canines & felines.  These non-invasive, drug-free therapies that promote wellness, strong immune systems, freedom of movement and injury prevention.  Meili Mattern is a Certified Animal Massage Therapist.

Healing Hands also offers 100% organic pet treats for horses, dogs, cats and pet birds.  Treats for dogs and cats are free of common allergens wheat, corn, soy and yeast.

Click Here to go to upcoming events hosted by Meili Mattern.                                                    12/13


 Andrea Lehr
The Healing Canvas
9945 Shoup Avenue
Chatsworth  CA  91311
818 585-1469

Energy and Spirit work for People and Animals
Reiki and Shamanic healing sessions
Healing Circles
Hospice and Transition Support
Shamanic Divination
Home and Environmental Clearing
Healing with Stones
Intuitive art work, sacred totem and spirit sticks

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher certified through the International Center for Reiki Training Shamanic training through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies

On my path as a Reiki Master Teacher and practicing Shaman, I am honored to experience and appreciate the miracles that are manifested in the natural beauty and healing gifts found in our world. My healing work is an integrated approach, intuitively using sound, vision, natural elements combined with the energy work of Reiki and the spirit work of Shamanism.                                                                                                                                      12/13

Barbara Chastain & Cyndi  Saling
P.O. Box 1134  Santa Rosa   CA   95401
(707) 519-1155

Located in Northern California’s wine region, we provide sports massage, acupressure, stretching and other therapeutic modalities to horses of all breeds and disciplines.

Visit our web-site for more information, or to contact us.                                                                         12/13

Rev. Kat Delse
Heaven Sent Care
PO Box 404
Occidental CA 95465

I offer sensitive pet and home care while you travel as well as daily dog walking in the Sanoma County. Daily visits or house-sitting available. As an energy healer, I am sensitive to animals and to the energy in peoples homes. As an experienced professional pet sitter, I know my work is reliable and high quality .                                  12/13

Rosemary Leaver
4672 Sullivan Way
Santa Rosa CA 95409

Distance Healing Therapist and Graduate of The Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1975. Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years experience in healing and distance healing.  Work especially well with animals, domestic and wild. 


Christine Gardner
The Ki To Life Reiki Center
P.O Box 23271  Lexington Kentucky 40523

We offer Reiki Certification Classes, Healing Attunements, Equine Reiki in addition to Crystal and Herbal Therapies. Join us on our path to contribute to the realization of true unity.  Peace to you!,
Christine Gardner, CRM                                                                                                                12/13

New York

  Nina Dale
PO Box 77
Cross River  New York 10591
914 763-2468

I am an Animal Communicator and Shamanic Practitioner. I focus primarily on shamanic practices of soul retrieval and extractions, as well as individual healing measures prescribed by my spiritual guides. My work is predominantly with domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, horses, birds and cows, but I work with non-domesticated animals in the wild, as well.  The healing reaches beyond the animal and heals the connection between the animal and the people it lives with or near and generally assists the animal to live more comfortably in its environment.

I also offer transformative spiritual healing for people through shamanic journey,

soul retrieval, restoration of power.                                                                                                                               12/13

Susan Stein
1034 Ferngate Drive
Franklin Square NY  11010

I am a Reiki II practitioner specializing in animals.  Reiki can provide relief from arthritis and other debilitating diseases, accelerate the healing of wounds, breaks and strains, soothe and calm stressed animals, and generally promote a feeling of well-being.                                                                                         12/13

Rochester, NY area
Perry NY  14530

Experienced Animal Communicator:  Pets, Performance,(show), and Production(farm) animals. Information exchange is between person/animal to allow clarifing of important issues. (As all is done with the permission of the ANIMAL, importance is often from their perspective!)
For personal sessions, Name, Species, and general area of concern is needed prior to the session. Contact will be made with the animal PRIOR to session to verify animal’s willingness to participate. (Most DO, but if one says “go away” then session will be rescheduled for another time.)
Animals “in-spirit” also may be contacted. Other animals may also come into a session, if they choose.  Email inquiries welcomed; sessions available via phone, in-person, email; also on-site for your event. Reiki Master/Teacher.                                                                                                                12/13


Aileen D’Angelo
Hoof, Paw & Claw – 
Reiki, Animal Communication,
Canine Trigger Point Myotherapy
Northborough, MA 01532

I am a Traditional Reiki Master and a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner (RMT) with the International Association of Reiki Professionals. I work as an Animal Communicator and am certified as a Canine Trigger Point Myotherapist. I am also a graduate of Shallowbrook Equestrian Center.  I have worked as a Reiki practitioner since 1996 and as an Independent Master/Teacher of Reiki since 1998. I use Reiki to help animals and their people with their healing process.

I share my life and my home with my critter-kids, George & Rooney (retired Greyhounds), Dragon & Squeaker (my pound kitties) and Zoobie  (a yellow-naped Amazon parrot).                                                                               12/13


Michel Berner
Wisconsin Oils
W14849 Scotch Pine Rd
Fairchild  WI 54741

Michel is a Usui Reiki Master in Northwest Wisconsin specializing in distance Reiki for humans as well as
equines, felines & canines.  
In-person Reiki sessions are available by appointment only.
Distance Reiki sessions are always available.                                                                                               12/13


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