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Lightarian Programs™

These are the most powerful attunements available right now!  The energies are so powerful they can affect things in your life for usually 30 – 90 days per attunement!  All Lightarian Programs™ are available as ‘Teacher/Facilitator’ classes, which means that they can then be ‘passed on’ to others after registration with the Lighartarian Institute for Global Human Transformation – Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation

Choose from the following Lightarian (TM) Attunements:- all include either session either remote, via telephone or in person.  Each hard-copy manual is sent out  at the time of payment, and each student is registered after their session.  All include certification with registration with the Lightarian Institute, manual and high level attunement energies!  No prerequisites required and No experience necessary for these beautiful attunements!  However, on some there is a requirement of obtaining one either first or last in the series.  Each attunement takes about 45 – 60 minutes, and can be done either remotely, in person, or via the phone and/or Skype after purchase.  The manuals and certificates are mailed from the teachers to the students, and must be read prior to the initial attunement.  They are sold both individually, and as packages from most of the teachers or facilitators.

Lightarian AngelLinks (TM)
Seruph Rose Aura – Must be done first,
Archangel Michael,
Archangel Raphael,
Archangel Uriel,and
Archangel Gabriel

Lightarian Rays (TM)

Empowerment Ray – (Must be done first),
Clearing Ray,
Healing Ray,
Activation Ray,
Manifestation Ray, and
Source Ray
– Must be done last in this series

Lightarian Reiki (TM)

Prerequisite – The minimum requirement for Lightarian Reiki is Usui Reiki Master certification with the Buddic Boost, or Karuna Reiki Master is preferred. There is a wait period after the Buddic Boost to receive the attunement.

Ascended Master Buddha, with a theme of ‘Compassion.’  There is a requirement: to first obtain the Buddic Boost, unless unless the student is a Karuna-based Master.  The Buddic Boost activates the 9th, 10th, 11th chakras of the subtle energetic body system.  There are six Levels of Lightarian Reiki:

Level I-II,
Level III,
Level IV, and
Level V & VI

Lightarian Clearing (TM)
Level I – Path Clearing,
Level II – Birth Pattern Removal,
Level III – Template Clearing,
Level IV – Attachment Removal,
Level V – Lineage Clearing, and
Level VI – Veil Removal

NOT all authorized teachers offer all these attunements.





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