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2 yr Basic Listing & Sidebar 2 yrs, 10 Categories


2 year listing on Healing Arts Network



We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

1 – 24 months Basic Listing on the site; limit 175 words or less and includes the following:

  •  listing under 10 separate categories
  • YouTube(s) 2
  •  3 pics/images and/or logo (size is appropriate to site, as determine by site admin)
  •  up to:  2 websites, business phone (1) full address (1), OR can list 2 cit/state, emails (2), business name
  •  Events/Calendar Listings – 15 per 2 yr period, max 45 words
  •  Published Article – 4, max 250 words (must be approved by Mgmt and appropriate to site content) for 2 yrs
  •  Clickable links, choose 6 – 8 – InstaGram, facebook, twitter, linkedIn, yelp, google+, -– listee must supply the html and or pic
  • Sidebar Ad and Front Page Ads CAN BE YOUTubes!

During the listing period,  only limited updates, such as changes in contact information, will be made to the listing.

2 – 24 months Sidebar Ad Listing, each 5 – 10 pages at minimum purchased together with the 2yr Basic Listing.  You can specify which pages to run it on, other than all of them when there’s space that is, which is at management’s discretion.

  • Sidebar Ad and Front Page Ads CAN BE YOUTubes!


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