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Rolfing Practitioners 

Healing Arts Network – is not making any recommendation about particular types of practices or specific practitioners.  The information published here was given to us by the practitioners who may pay a fee to us  for their listing. It is your responsibility, as with any personal service, to evaluate the  qualifications of the practitioners. 


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Allen Frost
131 N. Murat St.
New Orleans LA 70119
504 482 7326

I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer
and Certified Rolfing Movement
Practitioner. My certifications were obtained at The Rolf Institute of
Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. Rolfing is a form of hands on
body work that realigns the major segments of the body and releases strain
in the body. The results are a body that feels lighter and easier to move
in. Many people come for relief of pain or improved posture but clients may
also be seeking personal development. For more information please see my
website at .

Ron Petit
Afton Alternative Associates
1980 Riviera Avenue South, #2
Lakeland MN  55043

We are a holistic wellness
center committed to helping you take control of your health and to providing
you the tools to achieve that goal.  We offer Rolfing(R), Brain Gym(R),
Counseling, Personal Coaching, Therapeutic Massage, continuing education,
Holistic Occupational Therapy, Cranial Therapy, Outdoor Adventures and more.

We are insurance eligible.  In many situations, your health insurance will


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