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Animal Communication

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 Animal Communication
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Andrea Lehr
Raven Crystals                            
The Healing Canvas                                 
Los Angeles,  CA                                                    

818 585-1469



Offering Crystals, Energy, and Spirit work for People and Animals 
Energy Energy Workers and Spirit work Shamanism for People and Animals  Animal Health, Reiki 

Reiki and Shamanic healing sessions
Polarity  Polarity Therapy  
Healing Circles
Hospice and Transition  End of Life, Transition  Support Hospice Support
Shamanic Divination  Readings,   Mediums, Psychics,                                                                                          
Small Animal Massage and Bodywork Animal Health, Reiki 
Equine Energywork
  Animal Health, Reiki  Equine Health, Reiki, Healing 
Home and Environmental Clearing Property Clearing
Healing with Stones and Crystals  (see
Crystal  Healing Grids  Crystals and GemsProducts and Supplies 
Intuitive art work, animal totems, dreamcatchers Dreamwork and Crystal spirit sticks and wands Native American

Elemental Crystal  Artwork and Jewelry  Crystals and GemsProducts and Supplies     

The Healing Canvas

The Healing Canvas

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher Reiki USA West Coast certified through the International Center for Reiki Training Schools and Shamanic  training  through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist Animal Health, Reiki  Equine Health, Reiki, Healing       

On my path as a Reiki Master Teacher and practicing Shaman, , I am honored to experience and appreciate the miracles that are manifested in the natural beauty and healing gifts found in our world.  My healing work is an integrated approach, intuitively using sound, vision, crystals and natural elements combined with the energy work of Reiki, Reiki USA West Coast and the spirit work of Shamanism.  I became interested in healing stones and crystals when I first became a Reiki practitioner and Energy Worker.  I was delighted with the beauty and qualities of the stones.  As my interest and personal collection of Crystals and Stones grew, and grew, and grew, I decided to share them with friends, family, and my clients and by “coincidence” appeared in my life.  I began purchasing Stones and studying the healing properties of each Stone.  I wanted to provide unique, rare and hard to find items, as they were the most intriguing in shape, and have such radiant colors, extraordinary energy and healing properties.  I also LOVE really “cool” and “pretty” Crystals and Stones with amazing back stories connecting people together.  Magical stories and synchronicity Stones.

At,  there are Crystal Sales and Discounts, many different Crystals and Minerals, including Fossils, with Tumbled and Polished Stones, and Products – incl. Medicine Bags, Jewelry, etc, and Crystal Carvings incl. Eggs, Spheres etc, and Crystal Information, incl Chakras, etcCome by and Explore!

 Find Andrea’s Healing Arts Network listing(s) here Dreamwork   Energy Workers,    Products and Supplies   Holistic PractitionersShamanism,  Reiki USA West Coast ,  Animal Health, Reiki   Crystals and GemsSchools,   Readings  Polarity Therapy    Property Clearing  Native American,  Drum, Healing Circles   Hospice Support  Equine Health, Reiki, Healing   Mediums, Psychics  Animal Communication            End of Life, Transition                                               6/18


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New Jersey

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New Mexico

Elizabeth Anglin
Madrid, NM

Blog Talk Radio Cosmic Passport                                

                    Elizabeth provides practical Animal Communication and energy healing Emotion Code Clearing for horses Equine Health, Reiki, Healing , cats and dogs and other animals in your home or rescue organization.   A veterinary intuitive Psychic Readings, remote viewer, Mediums, Psychicsand evidential Spirit Medium Elizabeth has the ability to see, feel and hear specific information Animal Communication  about your animal’s physical body and spiritual path .  Elizabeth has been a Traditional Usui Reiki  Reiki – USA WestMaster and Animal Communication since 1994, a Remote Viewer Mediums, Psychics, and Evidential Spirit Medium since 1997, and an [Equine Services] Equine Massage Equine Health, Reiki, Healing  Practitioner since 2002.   She offers intuitive Psychic ReadingsAkashic Records,  and energy Energy Workers,  healing sessions for people as well as pets Animal Health,  through her website   Elizabeth also hosts Cosmic Passport, an intuitive/paranormal Mediums, Psychics, talk show.  She is the author of Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood available on Amazon, Amazon Bookstore

Cindy B. says: My reading with Elizabeth was such a comfort to me. My son just recently went to heaven and being able to connect with him has helped. I am sure I will be contacting her again and recommending her to family and friends
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 Find Elizabeth’s Healing Arts Network listing(s) hereAmazon Bookstore  Animal Health, ReikiAkashic RecordsReiki – USA WestEnergy Workers,  Holistic PractitionersSchoolsRadio Shows,   Readings  Equine Health, Reiki, Healing      Mediums, Psychics,   Animal Communication     4/16/18

New York

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North Carolina

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