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Arwine’s full library of deep guided hypno-meditations on CD provide
amazing opportunities to advance spiritually.  The focus of most of the CDs
is on effective clearing of the energetic, mental or karmic patterns which
may cloud your vision of the divine essence of your true reality.  You can
then easily align your consciousness with divine essence within and without
paving the way to enlightenment and liberation. Included are many effective
processes to help you achieve your goals in a variety of areas such as
 unification consciousness, weight loss, physical healing, emotional
healing, mental healing, stilling the mind, clearing external energetic
influences, developing clairvoyance, and more. The words and music take you
deep; the energetic transmission inherent in the CDs helps you to attain and
maintain the deep shifts.  You are welcome to visit

for further details.  Let’s meditate together and  bring in the full essence
of love and high spiritual energies as you clear your physical issues and
merge  into reunion with your soul. See
Pamela’s listing under Energywork.


Drums Etc.

Cedar Mountain Drums/ Community
2237 E. Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97214
Web page:

Cedar Mountain Drums offers a large selection of
products for sale in their retail store. These same products are available by mail and
through their web site. In addition to the items for sale Cedar Mountain Drums provides a
location for community interaction. See their listing under schools for more information
on workshops, drumming circles and classes.

Products available for sale include: ready made
in various materials and sizes, drum kits, flute kits,
rattle kits, ready made rattles and flutes, turtle shell
rattles, ceremonial drums, smudge, smudge fans, talking sticks, jewelry,
dreamcatchers, music, books, and greeting cards. Call,
write or contact them for a complete catalog and price list.  If you happen to be in
the Portland area stop in, it is a great little store.



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Bright Star Flower Essences and Essential
Irma Kaye Sawyer
16787 Beach Blvd, #334
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 271-0052


Bright Star offers the finest in Therapeutic Grade
Essential Oils. Essential oils, used in Aromatherapy are excellent for detoxifying,
soothing and energizing the body, mind and spirit. Considered the life essence of the
plant, they are very powerful and have many uses.

Flower essences are a non-toxic and safe way to heal
the spirit and move out of unwanted or limiting emotional states.  They are tinctures
made from plants and flowers and can either be taken internally or used topically.  
All essences are blended specifically for your healing.

Please visit our website for more information and to
enter the monthly drawing to win a bottle of essential oil. |Informative Article|

Realize the Bright Star that you are!



Karen Post
North Jersey Feng Shui
24 Maple Lane
Wayne NJ 07470
Phone and Email: (973)835-3223/ email

Stunningly Beautiful Feng Shui Tabletop
Fountains Enhance energy in wealth and prosperity.
Be soothed by the sound
of gently cascading water. Enjoy the powerful energy of natural quartz crystal.

wpeB.jpg (10117 bytes)

Individually and lovingly hand crafted,
these fountains enhance energy wherever they are placed, especially in the wealth and
prosperity area. The fountains are constructed of natural slate, topped with a quartz
crystal cluster. The bowl is blue/black glazed ceramic, 13 3/4" diameter, 2"
high. These are not mass produced fountains. Each one is unique.

Quartz crystals enhance loving energy, strengthen
intention, reduce stress, provide centering, promote healing, and offer protection by
amplifying white light. Quartz crystal clusters represent community, and clear negative

Each fountain is blessed with the Six True Words and
comes with instructions for simple assembly and maintenance.

Call (973) 835 3223 to order, or send $160.00 plus
$7.50 for shipping to :
North Jersey Feng Shui, 24 Maple Lane, Wayne
NJ 07470
Join our mailing list to receive information about new fountain designs and other Feng
Shui products.
Send name and address to NJRS at the address above, or e-mail to :


1509 Lakeside Dr. So.
 Forked River   NJ  08731


That Are Psychologically Grounded, Metaphysically
And Financially Guaranteed!

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