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  Healing Arts Network (HAN) is not making recommendations neither about practices, nor practitioners, as this is only a listing service.  It is a only published ads/listings for the practitioners who pay a fee.  It is your responsibility to evaluate them:  request references, discuss costs/services, meet them or speak to them regarding how and if they can assist you.

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Elizabeth B. Jenkins, MA, MFCC              
Wiraqocha Foundation for the
Preservation of Indigenous Wisdom
P.O.Box 867
San Anselmo, CA 94979
Green Tara College
The Wiraqocha Foundation
Elizabeth B. Jenkins   

Elizabeth B. Jenkins,is a licensed psychotherapist, founder/director of the Wiraqocha Foundation for the preservation of indigenous wisdom and author of Initiation: A Woman’s Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes. Elizabeth is a fourth-level priest of the Andean tradition and has led Initiation Training trips to Peru
for the past 8 years. She teaches and lectures internationally, and is a frequent speaker to groups on ecopsychology, creativity and spiritual experience.

Elizabeth has an extensive list of teaching engagements for this year. For a complete schedule of courses consult her website. 

Find Elizabeth B’s Healing Arts Network listing(s) hereAmazon BookstoreShamanism, Holistic PractitionersSchools,  Speakers Bureau  Products and Supplies Publications    Journeys               4/4/18

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Herndon, VA  20170
571 331 9208

Come on by – see our handmade, beautiful energized gems in person!  OR, attend a ‘jewelry workshop!’

We are at many shows also! 



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Cedar Mountain Drums/ Community
2237 E. Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97214

Cedar Mountain Drums offers a large selection of products for sale in their retail store. These same products are available by mail and through their web site. In addition to the items for sale Cedar Mountain Drums provides a
location for community interaction. See their listing under schools for more information on workshops, drumming circles and classes.

Products available for sale include: ready made drums in various materials and sizes, drum kits, flute kits,
rattle kits, ready made rattles and flutes, turtle shell rattles, ceremonial drums, smudge, smudge fans, talking sticks, jewelry, dreamcatchers, music, books, and greeting cards. Call, write or contact them for a complete catalog and price list.  If you happen to be in the Portland area stop in, it is a great little store.

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Bright Star Consulting Services 
Irma Kaye Sawyer
P.O. Box 1846
Joshua Tree, CA  92252

Welcome to Bright Star Consulting Services!              

Healing consultations are available with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and custom blended flower essence remedies. Free information sent per your request.

Irma Kaye Sawyer has been a Holistic Healing Practitioner since 1992 using  the modalities of massage therapy, Reiki energy healing, and Shamanic Healing and Counseling.  She is a group leader in the Distant Healing Network, a volunteer Internet healing service.  Irma is certified in Massage Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reiki Healing and Thought Field Therapy. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and has taught in the United States and abroad.  She is certified with the International Association of Reiki Professionals and is a member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies.  Shamanic Healing sessions including Soul Retrieval,
Extraction and Power Animal Retrieval are available, as well as Reiki healing sessions in person or at a distance.  Healing consultations are available with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and custom blended flower essence remedies.   

Realize the Bright Star that you are.  I welcome your inquiry.         

Find Irma K.’s Healing Arts Network listing(s) hereAromatherapyShamanism, Holistic PractitionersSchools,  Reiki USA West  Products and Supplies                                                                   

 (See Flower Essence Article by Irma K. Sawyer)           See Products and Supplies                                       4/1/18

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Linda-Anne Kahn
Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa & Wellness Center                  Book NOW!!
3268 Governor Drive
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 457 0191 ext. 14
                                         LINKED IN                                             

Linda-Anne Kahn is a Clinical Aromatherapist and founder and Owner and Founder of Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa & Wellness Center. She has over 22 years experience in Aromatherapy and healing.  She specializes in custom blending of essential oils and has helped 1000’s of clients and patients over the years.    She specializes in Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage, Color therapy, Lastone massage and skin care. With her expertise and care she  combines many modalities to assist creating balance and harmony into peoples lives.  Linda-Anne teaches a certification Aromatherapy class to health professionals, estheticians and massage therapists.

Book NOW!!                                            SHOP Products NOW!!

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           See Testimonials and Reviews here:     Testimonials                                              4/1/18

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Karen Post
North Jersey Feng Shui
24 Maple Lane
Wayne NJ 07470

Stunningly Beautiful Feng Shui Tabletop Fountains Enhance energy in wealth and prosperity. Be soothed by the sound
of gently cascading water. Enjoy the powerful energy of natural quartz crystal.

Individually and lovingly hand crafted,
these fountains enhance energy wherever they are placed, especially in the wealth and prosperity area. The fountains are constructed of natural slate, topped with a quartz crystal cluster. The bowl is blue/black glazed ceramic, 13 3/4″ diameter, 2″
high. These are not mass produced fountains. Each one is unique.

Quartz crystals enhance loving energy, strengthen intention, reduce stress, provide centering, promote healing, and offer protection by amplifying white light. Quartz crystal clusters represent community, and clear negative energy.

Each fountain is blessed with the Six True Words and comes with instructions for simple assembly and maintenance.

Call (973) 835 3223 to order, or send $160.00 plus $7.50 for shipping to :
North Jersey Feng Shui, 24 Maple Lane, Wayne NJ 07470
Join our mailing list to receive information about new fountain designs and other Feng Shui products.
Send name and address to NJRS at the address above, or e-mail to :


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Reiki Books and Supplies

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Self-Hypnosis CD’s    See Also Hypnosis  

Chris Smedley
Fairfields, Galdestry, Kington
Herefordshire England HR5 3ND

Professional Hypnotherapist.
Provides workshops in America and in Europe.  Specializes in body image and
prosperity work.  Energy Way also offers Color Therapy, Reiki, and the CCMBA.
CD’s for sale online via the website and from

Amazon Chris Smedley CD’s.

Find Chris’ Healing Arts Network listing(s) here:  Energy WorkersReiki – World, Reiki – W CoastProducts,  Stress Management,  Hypnosis                                          4/1/18

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Training Materials

Hu Dalconzo
Holistic Learning Center
1509 Lakeside Dr. So.
Forked River   NJ  08731

That Are Psychologically Grounded, Metaphysically Advanced And Financially Guaranteed!

Click     to find out more about Holistic Learning Center, in our Schools section.

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