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Welcome to Healing Arts Around the Globe with access to Alternative, Holistic and Natural Practitioners,
Holistic Practitioners, Shamanic Practitioners, and many other Worldwide Practitioners, including:   Reiki, Hypnosis, Shamanism, Feng Shui, Reflexology, Massage and Holistic Practitioners, Holistic Practitioners along with Schools & Training in:   Alternative Healing, Shamanism, Reiki, Hypnosis, and Retreats & Centers, Events & Conferences books and Related Products.  This site includes an ever enlarging list of practitioners throughout the U.S., Canada, Great Britain around the World.

Interesting photos of sacred places in Peru, England, Nepal, Mongolia and Mexico can be found on the Sacred Places page.   Please our Informative Articles page.  We are just a listing site – we neither sell our listings, nor make recommendations.  Please read all the disclaimers on this site, because choosing a practitioner is part of the journey…..

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Practitioner Quick Links

    StarChaser Healing Arts – 
Aromatherapy, Shamanism, Meditation, Holistic Practitioners, Schools, Energy Workers, and Reiki Eastern,, see
•     Health for Life, LLC – Aromatherapy,  Certified Reflexologist, Weight Loss , Health Coaching,  Meditation,  Healing and Hypnosis, Holistic Practitioners, Schools, Energy Workers Dowsing, Reiki Eastern,
HypnoBirthing, HypnoFertility    IET, EFT, SRT,      Certified Classes    703-851-7954
    Hambrock Holistic – Connie Hambrock, PhD Weight Loss Animal Health,   Crystal and Stones, Jewelry,   Massage and Reiki,  Aromatherapy, Hypnosis, HypnoFertility, and Reiki Eastern HypnoBirthing, Events,   Front Page.  Holistic Practitioners, Schools, Energy Workers, Reiki EasternClasses, Essential Oils, Workshops see see  571-331-9208
 •    Dr. Tim Horn, PhD. Hypnosis – Pain, Sleep, Learning, Fears, Stress, Weight Loss and Hypnosis Classes see and see    703-969-5791
    Irma K. Sawyer – Aromatherapy, Products and Supplies, Shamanism, Holistic Practitioners, Schools, Reiki – US West Coast,  see Irma K. Sawyer
   Alva Wellness Center – Sarojini Alva, PhD  Hypnosis, HypnoBirthing, HypnoFertility, and Reiki Eastern HypnoBirthing
   Amazon Forays – Journeys    Amazon Forays
   Destiny By MonikaCoaching, Energy Workers, and Reiki Eastern,, see
   Raven Crystals – Andrea LehrCrystal and Stones, Jewelry, Reiki – W Coast Holistic Practitioners, Animal Health,  Massage and Reiki   Equine Reiki, Property Clearings, Readings/Divination, Hospice Support, Energy Workers, Schools.  Earth Healing,, Animal Communication, Products and Supplies, End of Life, Polarity Therapy, Mediums and PsychicsSee RavenCryst,  818-585-1469
   Helen Bramow, MA, MHt, Board Certified Hypnotist, – Hypnosis and Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Master –   Certified Reflexologist,  Reiki Training, Classes, Essential Oils, Workshops, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Healing Sessions, Hypnosis, Events   703-851-7954
 Linda Anne Kahn Aromatherapy –   Lyme, Manual Lymph Drainage Classes,  Aromatherapy, Workshops, Wellness Sessions, Detox, See  Beauty Klinek,  See Aromatic Wellness See Aromatic Wellness      858-472-0191
  Feet For – Brigitte Wiss – Reflexology, Reiki, EFT, See,  703-849-8422

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Feet for

Brigette Wiss – Cert. Reflexologist