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Links 2 – Worldwide HypnoTherapy

Healing Arts Network (HAN) is not making recommendations neither about practices, nor practitioners, as this is only a listing service.  It is a only published ads/listings for the practitioners who pay a fee.  It is your responsibility to evaluate them:  request references, discuss costs/services, meet them or speak to them regarding how and if they can assist you.

Links 2 –

Worldwide HypnoTherapy Centers

True North Coaching

Michelle Merry offers Life Coaching in Hampshire as well as professional career coaching services, Find out more about Michelle’s business by visiting True North Coaching Hampshire here.

Kairos Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Paul Brown is a business coach and fully qualified Hypnotherapist offering a range of services from his private clinic near Darlington. Visit Paul’s website at Kairos Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

Joanne Theaker

Joanne Theaker is a Human Givens therapist who runs her principal practice in Liverpool but also runs a clinic in the Wolverhampton area. Joanne also runs a specialist business in helping people to develop more meaningful relationships with money. Visit JoanneTheakerTherapy for more details.

Evermoreme – Nottingham

Jane Timcke offers both Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy along with the human givens approach which is an holistic model of human wellbeing and brief, solution-focused, psychotherapy based on evidence from evolution, anthropology, biology, psychology and sociology. Visit EverMoreMe here

KT Hypnotherapy Talbot Green & Cardiff

Katy Thomas runs her KT Hypnotherapy in Talbot Green and can help with a wide range of psychological problems.

Hypnotherapy Rubery

Julia Holmes is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner who runs her busy Hypnotherapy Rubery practice in Worcestershire.

Hypnotherapy Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Hypnotherapist Vikki Heath Hypnosis to Stopping Smoking, Anxiety and Stress in the areas of Whitchurch, Telford, Shrewsbury and Market Drayton

Hypnotherapy Epping

Professional Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Epping Rita Smith is a Fully Qualified Hypnotherapist, Hypnoanalyst & Thrive Practitioner who can help you Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Overcome Fears & Phobias and live a more fulfilling life

Hypnotherapy Surrey BC, Canada

Inner Resolutions Hypnotherapy in Surrey BC Hypnotherapist Jeff Dunbar is a professional and full time hypnotherapist who can help you to stop smoking, lose weight or overcome fears & phobias in Surrey British Columbia

Hypnotherapy Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking, Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, Addictions & Sexual Problems – Professional Hypnotherapist Joan Lee runs Wolverhampton’s Premier Hypnosis Clinic

Hypnotherapy Richmond, UK

Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Richmond with Tony Smith – Professional Help for Stopping Smoking, Weight Management, Drinking Problems, Sexual Problems and Fears & Phobias

Hypnotherapy Gainesville, Florida, USA

Clinical Hypnosis in Gainesville Florida Christine Green is an experienced and skilled Hypnotherapist who can help you to overcome a wide range of fears & phobias as well as improving your personal performance

Hypnotherapy Leamington

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Leamington with Rebecca Bedford – Overcome Fears & Phobias, Lose Weight or Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapist Rebecca

Hypnotherapy Helston – Cornwall

Hypnotherapy in Helston with Johanna Rogers – Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking, Weight Loss and Phobias

Hypnotherapy Weybridge

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Weybridge with Farhad Omran – Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking, Anxiety & Stress as well as many other problems

Hypnotherapy North London

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Herts & North London with Glenda Saward – Overcome Fears & Phobias, Lose Weight or Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapist & Thrive Consultant Glenda

Anglia Hypnotherapy

Professional Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in Norfolk Ruth Watson Can Help with Fears & Phobias, Losing Weight, Stopping Smoking and many other issues

Hypnotherapy Ipswich

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Ipswich with Noel Wilson – Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Hypnotherapy Crowborough

For Professional Hypnotherapy in Crowborough, East Sussex, Nikki Basset can help you to solve a wide range of problems.

Hypnotherapy Northwich

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy treatments available at Northwich Hypnotherapy, Cheshire, with Michelle Hough.

Enrich Hypnotherapy – Kent

Jessel Selvan offers Hypnotherapy in Rainham, Kent through his Enrich Hypnotherapy website.

Enrich NLP – London

Jessel also offers high quality training programmes in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time-line therapy. Visit Enrich NLP here.

Healing Arts Network – USA

The Healing Arts Network is a global directory of Therapists and Healers offering a wide range of complementary techniques and interventions.

Hypnosis Virginia – USA

Helen Bramow, MA, BCH is a highly experienced Master Hypnotherapist specializing in weight loss and using weight loss hypnosis programs like ” the HypnoBand weight loss system” and “the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB)”, for a true Mind/Body approach to wellness.  Find out more at Hypnosis-Virginia, USA.

Coach Caroline – Manchester

Coach Caroline is the new website of Caroline Tattersall who offer Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Manchester.

TranceForm Psychology – Wolverhampton

Paul Lee offers personal and professional psychology and psychotherapy in Wolverhampton focusing on evidence based therapies.

Hypnotherapy to Thrive – Dubai

Laure Mitchell offer Hypnotherapy in Dubai through her Hypnotherapy to Thrive website.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy – Shrewsbury

Viiki Heath runs the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Clinic in Pimshill near Shrewsbury.

Rosamond Lloyd Hypnotherapy – Kingswinford

For Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in the Kingswinford area, visit Rosamond Llloyd Hypnotherapy.

Kildare Hypnotherapy

The Kildare Hypnotherapy Clinic is owned and operated by David Birch, a Hypnotherapist of more than 25 years experience.

HypnoBand Portsmouth

HypnoBand Portsouth is run by weight loss specialist and senior hypnotherapist Chris Russell.

Cyprus Hypnotherapy

David Heard-Smith runs his Cyprus Hypnotherapy Clinic in Paphos, Cyprus.

Thrive Programme Consultants UK

The Thrive Programme is Rob Kelly’s research backed book designed to help people take control of their thinking and to learn how to recognise and then change limiting beliefs.

Advance and Thrive

Laure Mitchell offers the Thrive Programme to overcome problems in Dubai – visit Advance and Thrive here.

Thrive with Paul in Wolverhampton

Paul Lee is the Thrive Consultant for Wolverhampton and the West Midlands area. Visit Thrive With Paul in Wolverhampton here.

Thrive Consultant in York

Kate Nolton is the main Thrive Programme practitioner in the York area and offers the full range of Thrive programmes. Visit here site Thrive Consultant York here.

Thrive Consultant Watford

Tania Clarke, owns and runs a number of specialist clinics in the Watford area, including a specialist Stop Smoking clinic. You can find out more about Tania’s services at the Thrive Programme in Watford.

Thrive Consultant Weybridge

Farhad Omran runs his Thrive Practice in Weybridge, Surrey along with his Hypnotherapy practice. If you’d like to get in touch with Farhad visit his site Thrive Programme Weybridge here.




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