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Specialty Travel
Linda and Art Sommer
Lancaster PA
717-393-4090 or Toll Free 877-393-4090

The term “adventure
” is intimidating to some, as it connotes “danger and risk”.
Does it include mountain climbing and white water rafting? Yes it does.
But it also includes: hiking, walking, African camera safaris and
bicycling- the list goes on and on.

We think of it more as
active travel“, that engages travelers through
participation-outdoors, usually in small groups, offering a return to
nature, educational opportunities, and an increased sense of personal
growth. And we make sure that your trip is safe because we will
only send you with the most reputable tour companies using only the most
experienced, careful guides. 

To help you decide if
adventure travel is for you, please use the following criteria as a

  • Do you enjoy
    walking and outdoor activities?
  • Are you curious and
    interested in learning about new environments and cultures?
  • Do you like to go “off the beaten path”?
  • Do you
    enjoy meeting and traveling with other people?

If this sounds
like it could be your idea of travel (and it is ours) please

contact us.
We have the capability of
arranging exciting journeys all over the world.

Chichen Itza-MexicoMachu Picchu, Peru

304-2750 Carousel Crescent,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1T 1Z5 Canada


Willaru Huayta, is an Incan Spiritual Messenger from Cusco, Peru. 

Elders Without Borders has been
privileged to work with Incan spiritual messenger Willaru Huayta since
1998. Annually we host Willaru in Canada and the USA to share teachings
of the Inca, as well as organizing a spiritual tour to Peru of which
Willaru is the guide. Willaru was born and raised in the Andes mountains
of Peru and he currently resides in the ancient city of Cusco. He is a
remarkable messenger of the mystery school teachings, a kind and humble
man with an innate ability to convey the teachings of the masters to
anyone and everyone. His joyful commitment to serve humanity during
these changing times makes him an ideal guide for a spiritual journey to
Peru.  This journey with Willaru is the trip of a lifetime.

Please visit our web site for more details.

Willaru Huayta, is an Incan Spiritual
Messenger from Cusco, Peru

Tobias Lars BS, MBA, Mensa
220 Inspirational Dr
Sedona AZ 86336

Have you ever wanted to-
-swim with wild free Dolphins in Kona Hawaii?
-or swim with Manatees in crystal clear springs?
-or interact directly & play with Wolves?
-or walk with Wild Horses descended from the original Spanish
-go on a Sedona Nature Spirit Adventure?
-a Pacific Ocean Yoga Meditation Retreat?
-experience Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon rainforest?

Our Eco Spiritual Travel Adventures at
are dedicated to bringing once in a lifetime spiritual awakening and
adventure travel experiences to our clients while directly
supporting sanctuaries for these animals & environments.

Welcome to Sacred Earth Journeys

Sacred Earth Journeys is a unique, award winning travel company
specializing in

Sacred Journeys

Wellness Travel &

Yoga Retreats

Wisdom Teachings.


Sacred Journeys
programs offer opportunities to explore
and connect with the spiritual energies and ancient traditions
that exist at some of the most important Sacred Sites and Sacred
Places around the world. We currently offer spiritual journeys &
retreats to




, and

. In the past, we have also run journeys to other
wonderful destinations such as Bali, Bolivia,
, England, France, Guatemala, the
Holy Land, Japan, Scotland, Sedona
and Tanzania which you can learn about on our

Past Tours page


Wellness Travel & Yoga Retreats
programs offer
opportunities to escape from daily stresses, restore balance
into our lives, and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.
Activities such as, Yoga, Kayaking, Meditation,
Hiking and Photography can also be enjoyed
throughout these relaxing and fun-filled holidays. Some of the
destinations we venture to are Costa Rica, India
and Maui. In the past, we have offered programs to
, Bali, Belize, Bhutan and
which you can learn about on our

Past Tours page

We include special and unique experiences on our tours….imagine
a sunrise ceremony to greet the sun, just as the Incas did in
the ancient past at Machu Picchu, Peru, or
a private meditation inside the Kings Chamber of
the Great Pyramid in Egypt, or a private
ceremony within the sacred and ancient stone circle of
in England, or a special candle
ceremony in a natural Cenote in the
, Mexico. On many of our journeys we have the
honour of meeting local wisdom keepers, traditional healers,
Shaman, and other local experts to learn from their immense
wisdom and knowledge.

We can also customize group tours to all of the countries
mentioned above. Please contact us for more information and

Sacred Earth Network
Building a Sustainable Culture by Connecting with the Earth
and Remembering Indigenous Wisdom

Shamanism and Ecology in the Altai Mountains of Siberia

Experience indigenous
wisdom in one of the most remarkable places on Earth…Be at the
forefront of spiritual, cultural, and ecological renewal with Siberian
wisdom keepers…This is an adventure for those who believe we have the
ability to influence humanity’s future relationship with the Earth. Take
a powerful inner and outer journey into the heart of Siberian shamanism.
Walk this ancient road of wisdom. Learn to energize directly from the
elements and to live in greater harmony and in communication with the
Earth and other living beings.

During this 15 day journey, we will
travel to the majestic and mysterious Altai (“Golden”) Mountains, where
civilizations have come and gone but indigenous people still cling to
their ancient roots despite years of oppression. Meet and work with
extraordinary shaman Maria Amanchina, who has taken the responsibility
of returning her own culture to its Earth-honoring, shamanic origins.
Travel with elder and ecologist Danil Mamyev who oversees a 60,000
hectare, Native controlled “Nature Park.”

Siberia is a land of stunning
contrasts: the Siberian steppe and transitional desert areas; the taiga
and the tundra, the world ‘s largest forest; mountainous regions
inhabited with rare plant and animal species, the home of the threatened
snow leopard; seasonal temperature extremes ranging from 100 degrees
above zero to 70 below.

In the Altai we will travel to ancient
ceremonial sites, cliffs strewn with petroglyphs, stone circles, and
caves that have seen human habitation for more than 40,000 years.. Be
immersed in wild Nature; live close to the land and travel with Altai
shamans, elders, and the gentle locals, Open your heart to the ancient,
ancestral spirits and the energetic gateways of the land. Experience
honoring the Spirit World of the Altai and learn how to harness the life
force in order to direct your own energies for positive results.

While in Altai drink from the sacred
Katun and Chu Rivers, learn about Siberian ecology and what can be done
to preserve this magnificent territory for future generations. On the
journey home, take in the juxtaposition of Old Russia against Soviet
period architecture in famous “Red Square” during the visit in Moscow.

Come with us on a trip that is like no
Please check the site for other expeditions and

Blue Morpho
, based in Iquitos Peru, in
the Peruvian Amazon, specializes in all inclusive Shamanic Workshops
(including ceremonies of the sacred visionary medicine Ayahuasca) and
Tours, Shamanic Healing, Jungle Adventure Tours, and expeditions.
Witness the beauty of exotic wildlife while experiencing incredible
adventure travel at our jungle lodge and Healing Center located
in the heart of the primary rain forest. 

contact info:
Hamilton Souther

Dr. Richard

Please check out our

Boa Saude
A journey to rural brazil where miracles are commonplace
to see one of the most powerful spiritual healers of our era
Joao de Deus
The Miracle Man of Brazil

Visit for the
details of all of these magnificent adventures!

The Four Winds Society
Box 2465
Palm Beach, FL 33480
email :

The Four Winds Society offers
interactive trips throughout the year to various destinations in Peru (including Machu
Picchu, Inka Trail and the Amazon), India, the Canyon Lands and other destinations. Some
trips are restricted to students of the Four Winds Society (see listing under schools).
Contact the Society for a current listing of trips and the prerequisites.

Elizabeth B Jenkins, MA, MFCC
Wiraqocha Foundation
for the Preservation
of Indigenous Wisdom
P.O.Box 867
San Anselmo, CA 94979


Elizabeth B. Jenkins, is a licensed psychotherapist, founder/director of the Wiraqocha
Foundation for the preservation of indigenous wisdom and author of Initiation: A
Woman’s Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes.
Elizabeth is a fourth-level
priest of the Andean tradition and has led Initiation Training trips to Peru for the past
8 years. She teaches and lectures internationally, and is a frequent speaker to groups on
ecopsychology, creativity and spiritual experience.

Elizabeth has 4 trips planned for the year .
These trips include Initiation rites into the Andean tradition. Trips are planned for July,
Aug. Sept. and Oct.. Please contact her or her web site for more details.

Rajen Thakur
Hotel Sarovar
1, Panchdevri Marg, Outside Chandpol
Udaipur, Rajasthan, India 313001

We wish to introduce to
you our latest addition in the Hospitality sector namely, HOTEL SAROVAR.
Situated on the bank of the famous  Pichola Lake.

We have been associated with the Hospitality Industry for over a decade. Our
Rural Restaurant SHILPI with  Swimming Pool and  camping site has
become a by word in the Tourism trade circle, Situated adjacent to Shilpgram,
the West Zone Cultural Centre  is a must for any tourist that visits

We assure our guests of freshly  cooked Indian & International food
in the Roof top restaurant with it’s added attraction of the panoramic
view of the old city and lake. Sun beds are available on a secluded upper

Guests of the hotel are offered  Free use of the world class Swimming
Pool at SHILPI restaurant.

Monuments like Jagdish Temple, City Palaces and Shops catering for all
needs are within a few minutes walk from the hotel.

Looking forward to hearing from you .
Yours Faithfully,   


Amazon Forays
The Wild Mushroom Traveling Road Show

Chris & Gerry Miller
PO Box 126
East Haddam CT 06423
(860) 873-8286

Take the shamanic
voyage of discovery up the Peruvian Amazon.

Live in comfort on our
beautiful mahogany riverboat. Participate in all-night ceremonies guided
by Amazonian Shamans, three all-natural gourmet meals each day, motorized
canoes. The price includes everything from Miami for two magical weeks.

Piers Brittain
10 Eltisely Av
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
phone 07855 405168 

Learn Reiki In India and Nepal.

Looking for a truly profound Reiki Experience?

Usui Reiki Master Piers Brittain is leading groups of 4 on 2-3 week tours
of sacred India and Nepal.

These unique adventures promise to be the experience of lifetimes! Come
with me to experience the real magic of Asia and expand into the
empowerment of Reiki.

Reiki classes held Worldwide. Bespoke trips also available. Call me with
your class idea and we’ll do it together.

For more details and a free brochure, please email me. I look forward to
working with you.

In Reiki,