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Sidebar Ad – 3 Yrs on ALL pgs. ONLY sidebar Ad

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $69.00.


Sidebar ad runs on the side of a page(s), or along the bottom of a page in some cases.

(min. running on ALL pages (approx. ALL  pgs)

  • Sidebar Ad and Front Page Ads CAN BE YOUTubes!
  • Only the Sidebar Ad but you can also add the FREE listing on all category pages.

During the listing period,  only limited updates, such as changes in contact information, will be made to the listing.

**Updates are made according to management’s workload and time available for making updates for FREE listings.  Management reserves the right to cancel any listing and/or refuse to continue FREE updates to website.

***All listings MUST sign a contract; even for FREE listings every 3 years minimally unless changes are required that necessitate a new contract and/or new contract language.  All listings automatically agree to management’s listing terms by agreeing to being placed on the website.