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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy 

Healing Arts Network – is not making any recommendation about particular types of practices or specific practitioners.  The information published here was given to us by the practitioners who may pay a fee to us  for their listing. It is your responsibility, as with any personal service, to evaluate the  qualifications of the practitioners. 


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 North Carolina

Dr. Ferrei and Dr. Grovine, chiropractors
10701-G Park Road
Charlotte NC 28210
704 544 8844 

Our practice is a very exclusive private office, we give out patients ample time with the Doctor
to discuss their condition and everything they have been thru with other types of treatments. We usually end up with difficult and complicated cases that other Doctors say ” your just going to have to live with
it or that they can’t help you anymore.” We perform extensive lab testing, nerve and vascular testing detailed history taking, physical therapy, join manipulations, acupuncture, and nutritional/dietary consultations as needed. We recommend lifestyle changes and teach you how important your mental and physical health work together. To make and appointment: e-mail us or call Monday-Friday 9am-7pm


Integrated Health Solutions, Inc.
Janice Alexander, P.T.
1260 Monroe Ave NW
Suite L
New Philadelphia, Ohio

Integrated Health Solutions, Inc. offers  Physical and Massage Therapy and has been serving a diversity of community needs for over  20 years. Janice Alexander P.T. and her staff, Christopher McConnell LMT and Michele
Riggle PTA, have been helping people to help themselves.

We are hands-on specialists who care that our clients realize their goals.
Working together as a team with your physician we:

  • perform a comprehensive Physical Therapy evaluation

  • provide a personalized, integrated treatment plan

  • restore a functional balance to the joints and
    anti-gravity posture

  • improve flexibility, symmetry, strength, and decrease
    in the muscle-connective tissues

  • restore the essential proper breathing pattern

  • improve the body’s 90% fluid dynamics, with emphasis
    on core cerebrospinal fluid

  • restore balance to the “autonomic” nervous
    improving overall relaxation and reducing pain and stress

  • enhance functional ability to walk, work, play and
    enjoy life.


Joan Hardy  MS, MSPT
Coolidge Corner
Brookline MA  02446

I am a licensed, board  certified professional and have been in practice since 1988.  I offer
treatment individualized to your needs and my office is located conveniently to free parking and public transportation.  Day, and evening appointments are available as well as gift certificates.  I am most easily
reached by telephone; feel free to leave a message letting me know some good appointment times for you and any questions you may have! 

Martha Shaw
Mind Body Medicine
24 Great Hill Drive
N Weymouth, MA 02191
(781) 258-5217

Martha Shaw has been a licensed  Physical Therapist since 1994. She has practiced CranioSacral Therapy since
1997. She has developed expertise in treating spinal dysfunction, migraines,  orthopedic dysfunction, emotional and stress related problems.

Mind Body Medicine utilizes a wide range of modalities, including CranioSacral therapy, Reiki, Magnified
Healing and Flower essences.


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